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All new students are required to take a Skills Assessment Test to be placed in a level of the institute program according to the results of the test, depending on the starting date of your program.

About the test

Your Placement Test consists of four different skill assessments.

Skills Assessed Listening Section:
You will listen to a variety of statements, questions, short conversations, and talks recorded in English, then you will answer the questions, total time: 12 minutes.
Reading Section:
You will read a variety of materials and respond at your own pace to questions based on the contents of the materials.
Language Use Section:
You will choose and tick the correct alternative after reading the material in this section.
Following the written placement test, an interview will be conducted, in order to assess your ability to communicate in English.
 Test Length  Total time of the written test will be 45 minutes, plus 5/10 minutes for the interview.
Dates and Reservations

The test is administered on the dates set & arranged by the office. There will be a nominal fee charged to you for the test.

(Reservations are to be made by phone/in person)




(Please note that your placement test result is valid for only 45 days)

A word of advice from TAC-C

  • No preparation is advised prior to the test.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time before the test.
  • Do not take the test under stress.


Online Self-assessment Test

“Wishing you luck”

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