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The TAC-C Code of Ethics has been developed with input from representatives of each constituent group at TAC-C . It is meant to be educational and aspirational to show all members of the institution community the climate that we foster, and expresses the ethical principles and guidelines for the conduct of all TAC-C employees. It also informs the public whom the employees serve, of the standards of ethical conduct for which employees are responsible.

Employees of TAC-C have a responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with this Code of Ethics, understand its application to their conduct, and adhere to its principles. Employees should also be familiar with other sources of information which will assist them in making informed decisions. These include the regulations, policies and agreements which are relevant to their work.

The TAC-C Code of Ethics includes examples of the applications of the ethical principles. While the examples are intended to provide further guidance and assistance, no part of this Code can substitute entirely for the active process of ethical decision-making. In instances of ethical demands or dilemmas where a simple or direct application of this Code is not possible, employees should seek clarification and assistance.

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