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In today’s world, learning English is a vital skill that will help your children achieve their full potential in later life. With the right methods, Teens can learn English quickly, effectively and enjoyably. Once they have this initial grasp of English in primary school, they will have a strong foundation which will be an advantage in their later studies.

When youth learn English, it is important that they learn English which is practical and useful. It is important that they learn to speak good English and that they work towards international standards. Here at TAC-C , we offer preparatory courses for international exams.

We believe that learning should not be stressful for Young Learners; it should be fun and stimulating. Their studies should make reading, listening and speaking in English come naturally. As their confidence develops, they will want to learn more and use English to a more challenging level.


Children who learn English when they are young
have an advantage that will stay with them all their life


Books at this level
Books at this level are designed for teen learners (9 to 15 years of age) who have the basic English skills needed to understand the main points of simple texts and to communicate in the most familiar situations. The courses are relatively recreational for the age group, using audio-visual aids and supplementary.

A word of advice from TAC-C
The support and encouragement of Parents will definitely play a huge part in developing children’s confidence. — remember, your children need to practice their English as much as possible, including at home.


(Duration of the term is one and a half months / the classes are held two days a week)

Online Practice Tests

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